Life has its way of “waking us up”.  There are so many times we “fall asleep” to the reality of time and the lack thereof. 

Control is an ever present need. To know what is to come and how to prepare, plan. To have the sense of security. Having someone els take the wheel is a risky feeling. We want to know that whatever happens we know how to react. This is where life slaps us in the face and “wakes us up”. 

No matter how many plans you make, or even plan to have no plans, life sniffs it out and throws you lemons. Those sour momments that leave you cringing and thinking: How in the world did I get myself in this mess? Why me? 

Why? Is a question we all wish we had an answer for. The worries of life keep us on edge wishing we had mental binoculars looking far ahead for the next “iceberg”. Life is a fog so thick no matter how much we plan only a handful actually follow through. But what about those that don’t? Does it mean we are failures? Does it mean it wasn’t meant to be? Probably, but now what? Life has given you some pretty dam sour lemons. What will you do? 

Living with the worry of tomorrow will probably never leave our minds. It’s human nature. Appreciate today, enjoy the person next to you, smile when you have the chance, make wise choices for the now. Most importantly feel happy with yourself. 

Tomorrow will bring what it will, but what matters most is today. Today will build  tomorrow. Today will have plenty for you. Time is precious. Don’t waste it thinking about how things might go wrong. Love life, love the now. 

Next time life throws you lemons, squeeze them and make some lemonade. There will always be lemons, but life is not about the lemons, but what you do with them. 
(Did someone say Switzerland?, 2015)

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